Thursday, October 15, 2015

Walking four miles

Walking four miles with my friend is about
Ailing knees and ankles. Also hope. We do
Laugh about this, but we are being stalked, we
Know. So we walk. I need black walnuts
In my forage bag, for dye; her small dog
Needs exercise to keep from growing frantic;
Good reasons, but we need no reasons.

For years we have wanted little talk; just to go
On for several hours, in file or by two as the trails
Unreel before and behind. Perhaps a stop by
Rapids or a view with hippie nut bars and a sip.

May be another mountain will call to us soon,
If we can trust our knees. If not, may be we'll
Let our knees lie, and try it anyway. Wilderness
Even, and if we come not back, do not mourn.
Say instead: those two were what friends are.

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